What is Restore Our High Streets

Restore Our High Streets is an action group designed quite simply to make noise and draw both local and national governments’ attention to this major crisis. The heart and soul of our communities are at risk. Yes, change is inevitable and no, we are not trying to turn the clock back to halcyon days of old that never really existed in the first place. What we want is tangible support to nurture healthy regeneration. Constructive professional advice to effect positive transformation and practical action to implement imaginative solutions that will enhance our communities and breathe new life into them. 

How can we make this happen? By making noise; a lot of noise! Take a really close look at our website to understand the scale of the problem. This isn’t just happening in your high street. This problem exists everywhere across the UK. We don’t want your money and we don’t need your time, but we do need your help. 

Ben Demash



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