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The New High Street Revolution

Walking down my local #HighStreet is quite a depressing experience these days. Yet if you read some of the economic forecasts you begin to understand that many experts believe our towns are in fact very well placed for what they describe as a new era of growth and prosperity. This seems completely at odds with the boarded-up shops and the graffiti covered doorways of the large #departmentstores that are no longer with us. Famous names such as #Debenhams closed over 160 stores over the last two years, the vast majority of which still remain empty today, with no plans for their future. This is staggering given that these were once the magnets that literally drew hundreds of thousands of people to our #towncentres. #Deloitte has forecast a further 30,000 net store closures by the end of this year, which should send alarm bells ringing in #Whitehall. So, what is our government doing about this? 

Ben Damesh

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